Flowmeters are intended to give a high request of exactness and unwavering quality under the severest conditions experienced in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Aerospace and different businesses. These flowmeters are exact, solid, tough and worked to universal benchmarks. Sizes run from 5 to 500 mm with flanged end associations and 5 to 50 mm with strung end associations. All flowmeters are separately adjusted on Rockwin's In-house Certified Calibration Laboratory.

The Custody Transfer Series Inline Turbine Flowmeters are intended to give high precision fluid stream estimation under the demanding conditions experienced in the Oil/Petroleum Industry. Fit for accomplishing ±0.15% linearity or better, over determined stream go, they are explicitly proposed for use in financial or authority move applications. Care Transfer Flowmeters are exceptionally intended for Pulse Security Consideration and can be given at least two Pickup Sensors.

Electromagnetic stream meter is perfect for conductive fluids. Utilizing time demonstrated electromagnetic stream metering rule, the meter accomplishes a stream meter for funnels from 25mm to 300mm. Since there are no moving parts, the stream meter gives long stretches of upkeep free administration.

Turbine Flowmeter is intended for applications where establishment and expulsion from the pipeline without interference to stream and economy of expense is significant than outrageous precision of estimation. These are in a perfect world appropriate for use in enormous distance across pipelines where the expense of inline meters would be restrictive. The establishment and expulsion of these meters should be possible through a reasonable valve while the stream line stays under strain. Rockwin's Insertion meters have wide rangeablity and improved linearity.

Fuel Gas Turbine Flowmeter are intended for exact metering of all non forceful gases and fuel gases, for example, petroleum gas, propane, butane, ethane, coke broiler gas, town gas, acetylene, nitrogen, carbon-dioxide, air and every inactive gas. These are accessible for streams upto 4000 real M3/Hr. The meters are affirmed by Legal Methodology for Custody Transfer Application. Fuel Gas Flowmeter has a wide rangeability of 20:1. The meter consolidates Direct Reading Local Mechanical Totalizer. Choice of Pulse Transmission for remote sign is accessible. Stream Computers and Volume Correctors are accessible as optionals.